What is a GoGo Bar?

By Ray Smith
July 2023

As a tourist who loves to travel, countries have many different cultures, and lifestyles. In Thailand, Gogo bars are the closest thing to strip clubs .you can find. A gogo bar is a bar with sexy girls “dancing” by a pole; sometimes they are divided by how they dress. In a few bars, many dancers danced on the stage with their clothes on. Then a new group would switch and dance semi naked. Depending on the bar, the ladies or models can be wearing a bikini, lingerie, be topless, or in some gogo bars, be completely naked. There are so many at times, the girls have a number on them to help you identify them. You use that number to tell the waitress or mamasan which girl you want to invite to your table or take home.

There are prices for short-time and long-time. I like to spend time outside the club, grab food, go for a swim. So my go-to is always LONGTIME.